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Meet the Founders


      Lindsay Fulton                                                  Katie Hilburn

      Founder & League Events Coordinator       Co-Founder & Leagues Specialist

      C3 Leagues LLC                                              C3 Leagues LLC


We came up with the idea to have fun co-ed leagues for young adults with C3 Leagues because we saw the fun in other adult intramurals, and how great it would be to make new friendships and have a more active social life. Being on an intramurals team is a great way to not only make new friendships to last a lifetime, but also to find a great catch! Why not channel your inner competitor and love of working out with meeting new friends,setting off potential romances and, having a more outgoing life: Often times, the friends you make in intramurals become your lifelong friends and a whole other social league begins. So get ready C3 for some fun in the sun and have a ball!! Afterwards, we couldn't help but want to support the great up-and- coming Benson, Midtown, and Dundee scenes. Whether you're in college, single, just married and have a family, C3 is for you! We offer all different days and times of the week and on the weekend to offer flexibility to those with later work schedules too. So sign up for one of our leagues today. We look forward to meeting you soon!!