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Facts and Questions


Last Updated: January 2016


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Q) I was never really good at any sport and still am not…....

are these leagues right for me?


  A) Most definitely! Even though most sports have the goal of winning most or all games, we don’t care as much about that as we care about meeting new friends and having a fun social life and beyond. We have a separate winning bracket for the lowest ranking teams and then one for the highest ranking teams so that everyone can become a winner, if they really want J



Q) How much time do I have to sign-up and register for a team?


 A) We usually close registration up a few weeks prior to that team’s time. The leagues fill up quite fast with friends, family, and co-workers and so we recommend to make sure you get yourself and anyone else you want on your team to signup no later than a Month ahead of time to ensure a spot with them.



Q) Do I have to recommend someone every time I join a new league?


 A) Absolutely not. Most players find it’s often times more fun with co-workers as a large group or with family members as well as close friends though. If you sign up one person and they play in a league, you get 20% off your league fee and if you get a large group, you get 40% off your total as a group. So it definitely is a bonus if you can get some friends to signup with you



Q) Does my team need to find it’s own sponsor bar?


 A) Not at ALL J One of the best parts of the leagues is everyone will go to the same bar together from the fields either carpooling or cabbing it. The bars know us and are very kind to the players on their beer selections as well as lunch and dinner items



Q) What is the typical age of players for C3 Intramurals?


A) Most players range from 21 years old to around 43 years old. Teams are typically arranged to have similar ages (plus or minus 5 years) on each team so as to make it more cohesive and fun. You will be celebrating at the bar with everyone; however, you will be playing with those around your age group!



Q) How many friends can I join with? Can I join by myself?


A) You can join with one, two, three, four, etc. etc. friends or sign up a whole team which is twelve players (half guys and half girls) It’s really great to meet friends in these leagues and become more social



Q) I might have to miss a game or two with my work schedule during the season.  Should I still sign up?


 A) Of course! Actually, it’s quite common for those to miss 1-2 games in their season due to work and/or family conflicts and so that’s why we put enough players on each team to cover occasional absences. If you ever have to miss a week, please let your captain know so that can plan accordingly for the week’s game.



Q) How are the playoffs / last few weeks of games run with C3 leagues?


 A) Great question. Since these leagues are intramural social leagues, we understand that some teams are not as good as others and so we have two brackets for the final playoffs week (last week of the season) upon which all the teams are placed into based upon their game scores previously; one for the lower ranking teams and the other for the highest ranking teams to play each other. In this manner, anyone can become a winner (2). The winner gets a party at their sponsored bar, wahooo!



Q) Can I really make a close friend and get to know them while playing in the league?


A) You most certainly can; both at the sponsored bar afterwards, as most stay for dinner and drinks after their free pitcher/drink specials and yet at warm-ups that the captain is in charge of putting together you can get to know one another and when you are out on the sidelines waiting your turn to play as well.



Q) What if I change my mind and cannot make the commitment of at least 4 weeks for games and need to cancel my league fee?


A) It’s always unfortunate when this happens and can happen and so if you registered but realize you don’t have the time to make at least 3-4 weeks worth of the league games, we will give you a full refund anytime up until the week prior to the first game.